Date Venue Details
06-27-13 Three Links Valiant Thorr, Ramming Speed, Gypsyhawk

Past Shows

Date Venue Details
09-01-12 Downtown Music Hall (Little Rock, Arkansas) Mutants of the Monster II – Music Festival
Rwake, Deadbird, Hull, Pallbearer, Yakuza
08-06-12 La Grange Death of Self, Baring Teeth
08-08-12 Tomcats (Fort Worth) Abigail Williams, Of Oak, Tarim
07-09-12 Club Dada Vektor, Steel Bearing Hand
06-15-12 406 Arts Proselyte, Flying Snakes, Enormicon
06-23-12 Rubber Gloves Divine Eve, Steel Bearing Hand
03-23-12 The Boiler Room War Master, Divine Eve, Steel Bearing Hand
03-17-12 Queen City Hall CTTTOAFF, Kill the Client, Akkolyte, Baring Teeth
01-28-12 Lions Den with Noisear, Execution Tax, Volkssturm
12-20-11 Queen City Hall with Akkolyte, Noisear, Baring Teeth, False
11-05-11 Phoenix Project with Elitist, Kaliya, Black Smoke Sermon
10-20-11 Double Wide with Eagle Claw, Dead to a Dying World
10-15-11 Arnetic 2nd Annual Dallas Zombie Walk
10-08-11 Incense & Peppermint with Baring Teeth, Akkolyte
09-29-11 Renos Chop Shop 89.3 KNON Dungeon Showcase
09-08-11 Renos Chop Shop with Giant of the Mountain, Dei Aemeth
07-16-11 Phoenix Project with Phantom Glue, Shallow Habits
07-15-11 Rubber Gloves with Kill the Client, Baring Teeth, Melora
06-23-11 Rail Club with Insidious Decrepancy, Abolishment Flesh
06-14-11 Rubber Gloves with Stinking Lizaveta, Magnum Octopus
05-16-11 Phoenix Project with Boneblack, Steel Bearing Hand
03-12-11 Phoenix Project with Divine Eve, Embolization
01-31-11 Phoenix Project with Inter Arma, Baring Teeth
01-02-11 Phoenix Project with Stymie, Tenement, The People Men
10-22-10 No Thanks Fest 4 with Vorvadoss, Life Erased, Akkolyte
10-16-10 833 Exposition with Embolization

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